Stop exercising and start training

Stop exercising and start training​

the BRAND NEW Studio 1 Fitness cook book has arrived!

The book is packed with tasty recipes to help you to stay on track. Plus each recipe will contain a bar code which can be scanned onto the My Fitness Pal app, as suggested for you to keep a track of your calories in, taking away the stress of inputting each food item individually.

Receive a new book every month

for only £8 per month

8 Week Course

Private small group training courses consisting of bi-weekly sessions


Tabata HiiT classes designed to train all your energy systems

Personal Training

Personal training sessions carried out in our private studio

Fitness Model Course

Our more advanced fitness model course

Don't just take our word for it









8 Week Course

Drop fat

Small group classes

Build confidence

Full support of dedicated instructor throughout

Increase strength

Learn correct lifting techniques and exercises

Tone up

Improve your general fitness and wellbeing

Food plan

Access  to the Studio 1 private members page

Studio1 is not just about being photoshoot ready, our 8 & 12 weeks courses are designed to suit anyone from a beginner level, right through to advanced. It doesn’t matter what shape, size or fitness level you are, we have a course which will suit you!

We don’t gain results through endless amounts of cardio, all of our courses are weight-based training sessions which work the entire body evenly.

Alongside our courses, we promote a lifestyle change and a healthy balance to ensure you don’t have to quit all life’s luxuries and still achieve the results you desire!

Course Timetable

Learning the techniques before pushing the weights up is a must! Poor form promotes injury so we work with you at the very beginning to ensure you are lifting correctly. After the course we don’t only want to see a change in your shape but we aim to provide you with the knowledge and the confidence to also train outside the studio effectively. 
Date & Time Level Instructor
Monday 6-7pm / Saturday 9-10am Beginners/Intermediate Kelly
Tuesday 10.30-11.30am / Thursday 10.30-11.30am Beginners/Intermediate Steph
Tuesday 7-8pm / Thursday 7-8pm Beginners/Intermediate Kelly/Steph
Wednesday 6-7pm / Friday 6-7pm Beginners/Intermediate Steph
Wednesday 7-8pm / Friday 7-8pm Beginners/Intermediate Steph

For those at a more advanced level our aim is to help you gain more structure in your workouts.
We will develop and add variety to your sessions as you work towards reaching your fitness goals.

Date & TimeLevelInstructor
Monday 7-8pm/ Saturday 10-11amAdvancedKelly
Wednesday 10-11am/ Friday 10-11amAdvancedKelly
Date & Time Level Instructor 
Thursday 6-7pm/Saturday 8-9am  Men’s Course  Kelly

A Studio 1 first, we bring you Studio1kids! Starting in September, please send an enquiry to find out more.

Date & TimeLevelInstructor
Monday 5pmKidsKelly/Steph
Sunday 11amKidsKelly/Steph


Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training designed to get your heart rate up in that very hard anaerobic zone for short periods of time. By doing this, you train all your energy systems, something that regular cardio workouts usually don’t do.

The variety of exercises you can do makes this kind of workout more interest and more fun than other types of workouts, making this a great addition to any cardio workout routine.

Tabata Training is a great way to spice up your workouts, burn more calories and get more out of your exercise time. Because the intervals are so short, you really feel them, but the workout flies by. Try adding Tabata training once a week to see how your body responds. 

Our classes are ongoing and pay per session.

£5 per class

Personal Training

Personal training is available throughout the week with all our instructors. It is carried out in our private studio and is tailored to your specific goals. Prices start from £25 per session. (subject to availability) To discuss further how we can help and check if we have a slot for you.

Fitness Model Course

Our more advanced fitness model course

Train and diet like a fitness model. Includes a professional photo shoot with the UK’s best fitness photographer. Gain results you never thought possible!

Photos displayed are actual photos taken on completion of our Fitness Model Course. Interested?

Competition Prep

Studio1 is not just a private gym, all our clients say it’s like a little community or a second home. Nobody is here to judge anyone! We all started somewhere and each person that comes through the door has a story! The atmosphere at the studio is amazingly friendly and whatever mind set you arrive in you will leave feeling more positive. It’s not just me that makes studio one it’s my team and each and every one of my amazing clients that all support each other. 

I love my job not that I see it as a job as such as my passion for helping others is what gets me out of bed every day! That and showing my children that you really can follow your dreams and make them a reality. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can get started with your transformation.

Kelly Anne James


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