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Kelly Anne James

Kelly is the founder and owner of Studio 1 Fitness and it’s unique style of training.

Kelly has had many succesful years within the fitness world, from front cover magazine shots to writing for Miami Pro magazine. She has also judged many fitness model shows and is a World Champion Fitness Model.

“It’s not just me that makes studio one it’s my team and each and every one of my amazing clients that all support each other. I love my job not that I see it as a job as such as my passion for helping others is what gets me out of bed every day! That and showing my children that you really can follow your dreams and make them a reality”.

Kelly Anne James
Lisa Burton

Lisa Burton

Lisa is a dedicated member of the Studio 1 Team, she has been bitten by the bug and wants to pass on the knowledge and techniques she has gained from her time training at Studio 1.

“My journey at the studio continued after Kelly offered me the opportunity to develop my knowledge and understanding of fitness further. I took the necessary qualifications to become a part of team. I now work at the studio taking sessions and personal training so can help others who are starting their fitness journey”.

Linda Leadbetter

Linda has been part of the team at Studio 1 Fitness from day 1, much of her time is spent in the background including administration and communicating with clients.

Last year Linda qualified as a personal trainer and further developed her skills when gaining a GCSE qualification in human biology.

Linda is an extremely keen and positive member of the Studio 1 team and is available to cover sessions and support clients throughout their journey.

Linda Leadbetter
Paula Brown

Paula Brown

I was always pretty active as a child and I swam 7 days a week. It wasn’t until my mid 30’s though that I got actively back into fitness after having kids and managing to snatch back a bit of me time.

Discovering weight training was huge a turning point for me. Not only had I discovered a way to train that I actually loved but I started to learn and understand about the nutrition I needed to compliment my hard work and help me see results. Anyone that knows me knows I’m a bit of a foodie. If I’m not eating food, I’m either making it, thinking about it or talking about it. Not wanting to compromise my taste buds for my muscles I started researching and experimenting with my favourite recipes. I transformed them into healthier high protein meals which could slot into my new lifestyle but also be enjoyed by my family.

My interest in nutrition is constantly growing and has been a natural progression alongside my own fitness journey. Studying an applied nutrition course has increased my knowledge about the science behind food and athletic progression. It has also provided me with techniques to be able to pass on my passion and knowledge to help others start, progress and succeed on their own personal journeys. I have never felt fitter or in better shape than I have in my 40’s. You’re never too old to make positive changes where your health is concerned.

You can’t out train a bad diet; you are what you eat!



Rick is our newest addition to the Studio 1 team!

“At 59 years of age I know how difficult it is to motivate yourself and manage the everyday aches and pains. To look around and compare yourself to the younger people in the gym and think how things used to be. Age is no barrier to pursuing a healthier, fitter, and more fulfilling life. Just remember, you only need to be the best version of yourself and only you can make that happen. But we all need a bit of guidance, support and motivation to help us to achieve it right? That’s where I come in. I am new to the profession but not new to fitness. I have been active in sport, fitness and gyms for over four decades, so I have built up years and years of knowledge and skills. I have benefitted from the input of many fitness professionals, most recently, my time at Studio 1 fitness with Kelly and the team, that taught me the importance of nutrition and lifestyle changes. I have recently been enjoying instructing on Tabata classes and that, combined with over 20 years’ experience teaching adults in college, has given me a great platform to share my experience and knowledge with you. I believe fitness should be enjoyed and to tailor programs to fit individuals preferred training methods. Whether your thing is weights, spin, functional fitness or boxing, there’s something here for everyone”.

Lynn Wilson

Lynn Wilson

Lynn is our newest trainer here at Studio 1.

“I have over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry,  working in various roles across the gym, group exercise, and health & fitness management. Having worked in public, private clubs and schools, I am able to adapt exercises to meet client needs”. “I am also a National Trainer and assessor”.
“My passion has always remained with group exercise sessions, teaching 35 classes per week at one point,  so you can rest assured that you will get 100% from your workout! 
Night or day you can always guarantee a lively class!”