I started to train at Studio One after having my second child. I have always been an avid gym goer – it’s a big part of my life! However Studio One has given me the added edge to my training. The food plan is easy to follow & Kelly’s advice to start regular meal prepping has made my life much easier. 
I have been with the Studio for over a year now and my body shape has completely changed & to say i’m happy with the results would be an understatement. At the age of 33 & after having 2 children I’d say im in the best shape of my life! 
Studio One is more than just a gym & I would highly recommend it to everyone.


Studio 1, I can’t speak highly enough about the place and especially the instructors. I arrived at the gym after 2 cycling accidents and could only lift 8kg above my left shoulder, at the moment I’m lifting a lot more.
My intentions were to get a little fitter and build a little muscle, I informed the instructors of my injury. Over the 1st 8 week period I was shown how to correctly lift weights and it wasn’t long before I noticed my weights were going up every couple of weeks.
I even then decided to give the modelling course a go, the information we all received was unbelievable on nutrition, training and the science behind it all about what your body needs. This place really is for all levels, if you just want to lose some body fat and gain a little muscle or if you want to go on a train to compete.
I’m 56 years old now and thought I’d be slowing down but I’m not.


I’ve been training at Studio1 Fitness for over two years now and my training here is well established as being at the core of my fitness routine.
I’m 47 and have always exercised in some form but have never achieved the results that I have since joining Studio1 Fitness.
The exercise and eating plan provided by Studio1 Fitness really works and gets phenomenal results. The support, instruction and coaching provided by Kelly Ann James and her team is fantastic and instrumental to individual success.
I can’t believe the transformation in by body and I feel fitter, stronger and healthier too. Each session is challenging but we manage to make it fun and there are always lots of laughs. I look forward to each and every training session and whatever my mindset on arrival – I always leave feeling positive and ready to face the world.
Studio1 Fitness is life changing and I can’t thank or recommend Kelly and her team enough – I just wish I’d started sooner.


I have struggled with my fitness and weight for the past 20 years when a serious knee injury forced me to retire from semi-professional football. Since then I have had a total of 19 operations and I have really struggled to find a form of exercise and fitness that did not cause undue pressure on my knees and helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight.   
I have attended Studio 1 Fitness for the past 18m and I have loved every minute of it  – even the pain!! I initially had one – to – one PT sessions with Kelly which were brilliant. However an increased work schedule meant I was unable to make regular sessions so a number of her male clients formed a Men’s upper body session just over 12m ago. It is a real pleasure to train with these guys and we have built some brilliant relationships and friendships, sharing in each other’s pain and gains!
The fitness model course earlier this year was one of the hardest but best experiences of my life. I was determined not to stray from the diet and I can honestly say I did not deviate at all – in fact I really missed the very strict discipline of this at the end of the course. My knees meant that I struggled with some of the cardio, but overall I was delighted with the results of losing nearly 2 stone and about 6% body fat over the 8 weeks.  What it proved to me was that “it is all in the diet”. Since then I have not been perfect but have managed to remain focussed and I am really looking forward to the next course starting in September.
Kelly and her team are amazing and they help us all so much. When we need extra help and support it is always there and as I always say to Kelly, she has a brilliant way of making you feel inadequate – she knows when you have something extra to give or a little bit still “left in the locker” and manages to get you to do that extra bit – whether it’s a few extra reps or putting an extra 5kg on the bar!
I cannot recommend Studio 1 Fitness highly enough – it is life-changing and I look forward to many more years training there.      


After having my baby last year I was looking for something to help me shed the post baby pounds and reinstate my love for fitness. 
Having previously been on a course at Studio1 and knowing the results you can achieve it was the obvious choice for me. 
I restarted my studio 1 journey on the intermediate course, then having progressed to advanced I did the fitness model course. This is one the best things I have done! 
Throughout my journey at the studio I have found Kelly to be professional, extremely knowledgeable, motivational and supportive. 
My results have been amazing the baby weight and jelly belly have disappeared. I am more toned and fitter than I have ever been.
I have loved my journey at the studio, have met some wonderful people who are on their own journey but always there to help you with yours. Can’t thank Kelly and the team enough. 


I joined studio1 a couple of years ago after years of training alone or attending sessions and not achieving my goals.
I felt intimidated in the weight section of gyms as my confidence was low and unsure what to do or how to train. 
After joining studio1 my confidence has grown immensely, I have learnt how to train correctly, toned up and build muscle in my arms which I always tried to achieve but never could, receiving meal plans  has helped me eat the right foods and be able to maintain my weight, recipes to follow which are very healthy but most of all tasty. 
The trainers have been extremely supportive, whatever you need to know they are there to assist you in reaching your goals.
Everyone at Studio1 is supportive of each other and good fun.


I started using Studio 1 Fitness around 6 months ago when I realised my lifestyle just wasn’t what it should be. I was overweight, getting tired easily and just didn’t like the look of what I saw in the mirror. A friend recommended Kelly to me and introduced us. I’m so glad he did. 
Prior to starting I thought lots about whether or not I would be able to do it, would I look weak, whether others at the gym think I was useless. I had an injury to my shoulder that I thought might play up. To be honest I was even a little intimidated by the pictures of all the amazing body beautifuls that help to advertise Studio 1 and Kelly herself. 
I couldn’t have been more wrong. Kelly is an amazing personal trainer, infact she’s much more than that. She immediately made me feel comfortable when I walked through the door, and set about creating a programme that was right for me.  Within only a few weeks I noticed a huge difference in not only my weight but in my body shape my, alertness and more importantly for me, my overall confidence. 
After a couple of months I started attending Tabata sessions with other members of the studio. Again at first I was nervous about keeping up with other people but I was immediately welcomed into the group. 
6 months on and I still have regular weekly PT sessions with Kelly and attend Tabata sessions as and when I can. I genuinely feel a 100 times better than I did when I started this journey. A journey that’s been helped enormously by Kelly. 
Studio 1 isn’t just a gym, a place to train, a facility it’s far more. It’s a community, a place to meet and make friends and as clichè as it might sound its actually become like a family. 
Thank you Kelly and thanks to everyone at Studio 1 for making me feel welcome. You have made my life so much easier. 


I have never really been into health and fitness – I was rubbish at sport at school and went to the gym every so often with my friends when I was younger but didn’t really know what I was doing.  I usually ended up doing a session or sitting on the bike for a bit.
I have never been a dieter – I’ve always been lucky in that I could pretty much eat what I wanted and I didn’t look too bad, or put on weight.  I’ve never been bigger than I size 10.  As you get older you start to see changes in your body and I decided I didn’t want to become overweight, and that I would like to get fit and be proud of what I saw in the mirror.  So I thought I’d take up running – well that was a disaster as I ended up with shin splints!

I have always admired bodybuilding from afar but had never had the courage to have a go at lifting weights properly.  It was my fiance who encouraged me to contact Kelly – so I did!  It I started training with Kelly when she first opened Studio1 fitness in May 2015.  I did some PT sessions then jumped onto the 8 week ladies courses – and I’ve been there ever since!  Even my fiance joined Studio1 fitness on the men’s courses and has PT’s too.
I love weight training and I love Studio1 fitness!  I have learnt so much from Kelly over the past four years.  I have completely changed my outlook to health and fitness and it has become an important part of my life.

I have grown in confidence, I have grown in strength, and I have grown a whole new group of friends.

As I have grown personally I have been lucky enough to be part of Studio1’s growth too.  The first fitness model course was a great experience, but now I have completed 3 and the last one was better than all of the others – Kelly makes it a unique and fantastic experience which is better each time.  I used all that I had learned and really got the benefit from focusing myself to be the best I could be.

The way I train and eat has now become a lifestyle.  It’s not a fad diet or fitness fad where you pile it all back on at the end.  Kelly and the team teach you how to eat, train, and grow as a person.  The support is fantastic.  Whether you want to lose weight or grow muscle, or learn the correct form – Kelly and the team will tailor the programme to your needs, giving you the tools that you can apply to reach your goal. 

I could take what I’ve learned and apply it on my own now – but where would be the fun in that?  Plus I want to learn more! I love being around like minded people who help motivate me to achieve my goals.  Long may it continue! 🙂 xxx


To say a gym has changed your life sounds fallacious, like a sales pitch that’s been repeated too many times to be believable. However, Studio 1 and more importantly Kelly James have wholeheartedly changed not only my physical well-being but also my mental attitude.
I came to the Studio as a client in May 2016, I had spent the passed year in hospital supporting my son who was diagnosed with brain cancer. Hospital food, stress, maintaining a home with two children as a single mother had wreaked havoc on my body and mental health.
To cut a long story short, Kelly not only pushed me out of my comfort zone with training but educated me to a level where I could feel confident about how to fuel my body and the faith in me to achieve the results that I have.
Wanting to pass that inspiration onto other people is infectious, I developed a passion about training and helping other people struggling to achieve what they assumed wasn’t possible and becoming part of the Studio 1 team has and continues to be a humbling experience.
I am so thankful that I stepped into the Studio and would recommend anyone with any kind of body hang up or aspirations they don’t want to go at alone to speak to Kelly, her knowledge, dedication and honesty with ensure you will get to where you want to be and further.

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