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Whats included?

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Please note, you will also need to commit to further training such as, cardiovascular homework and further training sessions either inside or outside of the studio (additional studio sessions such as Tabata are available to book online at only £5 per session).

Your progress will be monitored and recorded every 2 weeks, this will allow for adaptions to your training and diet to be made throughout the course to meet your individual needs.

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This course will run for 8 weeks and consist of 2 x weight training sessions per week & 12 x Tabata sessions across the course plus ab/cardio/training. Additional homework will be given, depending on progress.

Limited spaces available. This is course is open to ANYONE wishing to participate.

PLEASE NOTE! – You have to be 100% committed to the course. You must give it 100%. You are expected to support each other. There are NO excuses for missing training, cheating on your diet and not doing your homework cardio!

If you give 100%, your trainer will give it back! If you skip training, cheat on your diet and come in hung over your trainer will hold the right to pull you from the photo shoot with no refund given.

Before pictures of you from the front side and back in shorts and a crop top will be taken by your trainer. These will be used in the Studio 1 client profiles and on social media along with one of your edited shots from the photo shoot that your trainer will choose.


The total cost is £450 and is due no later than 2 weeks prior to the start date.

Payment can be made in full or by instalments via PayPal as set out below:

A £50 deposit at booking followed by the first instalment due 5 days prior to the course start date and the second, 4 weeks later.

All fees are non-refundable or transferable. Once a course has started, we are unable to fill your space, therefore, any outstanding payments will still be due/collected.


All raw images are included plus 2 edited images (one of your trainers choice and one of yours) and of course full support throughout. PLEASE NOTE only pictures containing the studio logo/watermark may be used on social media. Your trainer will be taking pictures and body fat measurements every 2 weeks during the fitness model course and diet/training will be altered accordingly. Your pictures will also be used on the Studio 1 Facebook profile. Progress pictures and Photoshoot Challenge pictures can not be used to promote any business other than Studio 1 Fitness.

Please note: at times a male trainer may be present to cover a ladies class.

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